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Welcome to Maramures, the heart of rural Romania, one of the best-kept secrets in Europe. Here you will find the perfect rural fairytale, a unique picturesque countryside with beautiful wooden churches and small villages, untouched nature, carved wooden gates, traditional food and so much more. 

Interesting facts about Maramures: Maramures “The land of Wood” is an original travel destination from Romania, north-western located, that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. We believe that Maramures is a vivid museum in an open space and it offers a real journey back in time. Join us and meet the people who wear their handmade traditional costumes with pride! We’ll experience Maramures together like locals: bounding with the locals, entering their homes, and getting to know the culture of this region through its traditions, delicious food, warm people, and simplicity. 

Millions of ways to explore Maramures like a local. 

We offer you a true experience, a deep insight into the life of the locals. Let’s go together to the place where the time stands still. Are you ready? All you must do is tell us what kind of experience you want and we’ll make it happen.

Complex tailor-made tours: Whether you want team building activities, a conference, an activity for your team or corporate services, we can customize everything and offer you complex tailor-made and cost-effective tours. Maramures is an ideal destination for such activities and we have a wide selection of trusted hotels, house rentals, and private accommodations. 

Are you looking for an authentic accommodation experience? We recommend the best local guest houses where the hosts take their time to prepare delicious home-cooked meals with ingredients from their gardens. All-natural & organic!
Hosted journeys and tailor-made experiences in Maramures exploring extraordinary placesAll you have to do is tell us what kind of experience you want and we’ll make it happen.

A journey back in time: The countryside life from Maramures is an amazing experience, whether you enjoy it with your family, friends or work colleagues. We offer you ‘’A journey back in time’’ tour exploring together the lovely villages from Maramures, superb landscapes, unspoiled nature, best-kept traditions, great organic food prepared by the locals. You’ll have the epic chance to enjoy ‘’Mocănița’’, the last real forestry railway in Europe! While the train will cross through green forests, cliffs, and clear water, you’ll enjoy the most stunning views.

A strong drink with good spirit: A travel experience is never complete unless you discover and taste local drinks. Meet ”Horinca”! Beyond the funny name, Horinca is not a place to visit in Maramures, it’s one of Maramures’ symbols. ”Horinca” is the strong and local version of a plum brandy with an alcohol content of over 40%. You will be welcomed in Maramures with a shot of Horinca, one of the most famous specialties. Cheers!

Tours & Sightseeing: Whether you want a private and custom tour or a multi-day tour, we are your local guide! With us, you’ll mark and experience famous landmarks such as “Săpânța The Merry Cemetery”, a special kind of graveyard with wooden crosses painted in vivid colors, or the Rodna Mountains National Park, the second-largest national park in Romania, protecting some of the wildest landscapes of the Carpathians. 

Let us be your local guide, that offers authentic experiences! Just tell us what you need and we’ll deliver!
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