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Welcome to Bucovina & Moldova where spirituality meets traditions! Here you will find glorious medieval monasteries, ideal mountains for hiking, rich folklore, natural beauty, and astonishing history. 

Hosted journeys and tailor-made experiences in Bucovina & Moldova, exploring extraordinary placesAll you have to do is tell us what kind of experience you want and we’ll make it happen.

Interesting facts about Bucovina & Moldova: Brace yourselves! Our trip to Bucovina has just begun! Bucovina is one of the main regions of Romania. You can also say that it’s Transylvania’s little sister. Located in the north-east of Romania between the Carpathian Mountains and the Prut River, Bucovina shares borders with Ukraine. Northern Moldova is the region of Bucovina, home to one of the world’s greatest art treasures: the UNESCO World heritage sites of the Painted Monasteries.

Did you know that the actual name of Bucovina means beech land? The Land of Beech Trees is a direct reference to the vast forests that cover this part of Romania.

Well, now you know. If we could describe Bucovina in a few words, it would sound like this: authentic rural life, old monuments, picturesque sceneries, very kind and warm people, famous frescos, and wild nature.

With flights to Suceava airport, you can explore Bucovina, enjoying the untouched, extensive forests, mouth-watering dishes, crazy traditional dances, ancient black pottery techniques.

Millions of ways to explore Bucovina & Moldova like a local. 
Adventure by interest: Whatever you’re into, there’s a trip to explore your interest. Are you ready to explore Bucovina beneath the surface?

Sensorial Experience: We strongly believe that sensory experiences are the most important travel experiences. They are the ones that remain deeply rooted in your soul. So, let’s explore together a great journey of the perfect Wine Tasting. Try some of Romania’s finest sweet wines at Cotnari Vineyards. In this wine tasting tour, you’ll taste traditional wine (red/white) produced in Bucovina. Local wine is obtained by traditional methods, without dyes, sulfites, or other chemicals. All-natural and good. Currently, Romanian wines are valued as being the best ones worldwide. 

Spit-fire shots experience: Drink like a local with a local! Enjoy the famous Țuică (local plum brandy) or Afinată (blueberry brandy). Țuică is obtained by fermenting and distilling plums, everything being produced by traditional methods. The beverages you’ll serve are 100% natural, and yes you can buy them as a souvenir or sharing with the loved ones, once you get back home. 

Outdoor adventure tours: Nature lovers, get together! In Bucovina, you’ll find the greatest Natural Parks. 

In Ceahlău National Park you can choose to explore from at least 7 hiking routes. Have you heard about Cheile Bicazului? This is like one of the most spectacular touristic areas from Romania. And we’ll take you there! Do you want anything else? We’ll walk together in Calimani National Park and we’ll show you there the biggest volcanic crater in the country. From hiking to biking, from skiing to wildlife watching or horseback riding, we are true to nature lovers and we know all kinds of unexplored paths. Join us!

Food for your soul: Bucovina food is mouth-watering: “Pârjoale” (the local version of meatballs), bean soup, stewed sauerkraut, ”Iahnie” (a dish made of beans), ”Sarmale” (meat rolls in sauerkraut leaves) with polenta. Pork dishes are also very popular, including ”Tochitură bucovineană”, a pork stew served with polenta and fried eggs. Don’t forget about ”Ciorbă rădăuțeană”, chicken soup with vegetables with cream. And of course, the most delicious local desert includes ‘’Papanași” – cottage cheese dumplings (boiled or fried). You can’t really know a place without meeting its people and trying their food. 

If you’re looking for unique experiences, taste the local cuisine with us! Don’t forget to drink the homemade schnapps that we’ve prepared for you!
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