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Welcome to Banat & Crișana, the western part of Romania, a real heaven for active travelers and adventure seekers, who will surprise you with exceptional landscapes, multiculturalism, and great traditions. Here you’ll find a unique mix of architectural and cultural heritage, with an ancient Roman spa resort. 

Interesting facts about Banat & Crișana: In Romania’s westernmost regions, Banat & Crișana, the European influence is perhaps best represented. Banat borders Serbia in the south and Crișana borders Hungary in the north. Both regions enjoy the multicultural legacy and iconic architecture from their time as provinces of the Habsburg Empire. Once you get here you’ll be amazed by the mountainous areas with breathtaking landscapes, caves, glaciers, waterfalls, scenic hiking routes, natural spas. Banat & Crișana has it all, and more! Let us be your local guide to Romania!

Hosted journeys in Banat & Crișana, exploring extraordinary places! We invite you to discover beautiful and authentic places, beyond mass tourism zones and tourist traps.
We are your local guide! Join us!

A perfect City Break: Let’s explore together the perfect city break tour! Choose one of the most 3 visited cities from Banat & Crișana: Timișoara, Oradea, and Arad. We’ll walk around Oradea and learn about its history and culturally diverse population, we’ll explore Timisoara on an electric scooter and will enjoy together some delightful examples of art nouveau in Arad. Can’t decide which city to explore? You don’t want a classic city tour? We’ll attend local markets, fairs, and festivals throughout the area. We’ll meet a local chef and a have a private picnic prepared in the middle of nature. You are a meat lover? We select for you the best steakhouses in the historical center of Timisoara and you’ll enjoy the most delicious gastronomic experience. All you have to do is tell us what kind of experience you want and we’ll make it happen.

Natural Baths, Recreation & Zen Experience: Outside metropolitan areas there are natural baths and spas, where you can enjoy nature and relax. If you want to load yourself with good energy we’ll take you to the pearl of Banat, at Herculane Baths, the most important spa resort in Romania, with an age of about 2.000 years.  

Here you’ll find a picturesque location, in a beautiful valley, in the middle of the mountains, where you can enjoy the benefits of natural mineral waters. For more rest, enjoyment & recreation experiences will take you to “The Danube Gorges” tour. Here we’ll enjoy together the most breathtaking landscape in Romania while taking a boat tour to observe the dramatic landscapes of the mountains and the stone-carved portrait of Decebal, an ancient Dacian king. 

Wine tasting experience: Wine lovers, get together, and be prepared for entering the wine paradise! We are your wine tasting local guide and partner! If wine is your passion, we have the perfect tour for you. Nearby Timisoara lies the Vineyard of Recaș, with a rich history dating back to the 15th century. You’ll taste different wine varieties, discover the Banat wine sweet and harsh at the same time, and also get competent explanations. If desired we can also serve lunch in a special atmosphere. 

Create your own experience: From Herculane Baths to Bihor Mountains, from exploring cities to outdoor adventures in Retezat National Park, from local gastronomy to performing arts and visiting museums, we are experiences creators. We can create and design personalized experiences in Banat & Crișana by your interest. You name the experience and we’ll create it for you!
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