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Welcome to Transylvania where life is still close to nature. Here you will find incredible biodiversity, magical nature, wildlife, cultural heritage, wild mountains. 
Hosted journeys in Transylvania, exploring extraordinary places! All you have to do is tell us what kind of experience you want and we’ll make it happen.

Interesting facts about Transylvania: Transylvania is a historical region with special natural landscapes in today’s central Romania, in which the Carpathian Mountains cross it from east to south. It has something to offer every traveler, here the diversity and purity of nature mixing with the history, traditions, and legends of the folklore spirit.  Transylvania is the ideal place to escape from the hectic Western World, travelers can enjoy a slower pace of life by exploring the traditional villages, engaging in adventure sports, enjoying the breathtaking natural landscapes.

In 2016, Transylvania ranked the first position in the TOP ‘’Best in Travel’’ realized by Lonely Planet. One more reason to step into this land and find out its stories and secrets.

Millions of ways to explore Transylvania like a local
Adventure by interest: Whatever you’re into, there’s a trip to explore your interest. 

Nature: We offer you a great experience in the heart of nature, to enjoy the stillness, to listen to the divine whisper of a river, to become one with nature, to relax, to enjoy the wild landscapes. Do you want to add this to your bucket list? Perfect. Let’s start exploring the wild landscape and utter beauty of the Apuseni Mountains, in the heart of Carpathian Mountains.

Adventure in the great outdoors: Transylvania is the ideal destination for those wishing to be active and adventurous since is surrounded by mountains. We offer great walking, climbing, hiking opportunities on the most popular mountain trails: Bucegi, Făgăraș, Apuseni, Piatra Craiului.

Enjoy the culture: Pack your garlic and let’s explore together Bran Castle, to find its secrets and legends. We are great storytellers and we’ll take you back in time where Bram Stoker found the inspiration of writing the Dracula’s Novel. 

Feel the ride: A travel experience is like a bike ride, it’s not about the destination itself, but rather the experience of the journey that you take. Enjoy a bike tour with your travel mates, by exploring the Saxon Fortified Churches from Transylvania. Too soft for you? Let’s conquer the mountains together. You’re not feeling that active? We’ll choose for you TOP 3 most extraordinary restaurants from our hometown, Brașov, and we lead you into a gastronomic mouthwatering cuisine.

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