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Welcome to the Danube Delta where you can take part in the lifestyle of the locals and enjoy the most spectacular natural reservation within Europe. Here you will find an exciting place, being the third-richest biosphere reservation in the world, where you can observe more than 7,000 known species of plants and animals. 

Hosted journeys in Danube Delta, exploring extraordinary places! Are you looking for a safari in the wetlands of the Danube Delta? We invite you to discover this authentic place along with the beautiful sights! We are the perfect local guide for you! Join us and be ready to discover the magnificent Danube Delta!

Interesting facts about the Danube Delta: Annually, Danube Delta attracts tourists from all over the world, because it’s a destination suitable for everyone and has it all: nature and wildlife, traditions, epic gastronomy, spa and wellness, luxury accommodation options. A wetland of UNESCO Heritage and the largest and best-preserved river delta in Europa, the Danube Delta is a unique treasure of the planet’s natural heritage. The Danube Delta is made up of a complex network of waterways and lakes divided between the three main estuary channels: Chilia, Sulina and Sfântu Gheorghe. This area of floating reeds islands, sand dunes, and forests is home to a fascinating mix of cultures, flora & fauna among a vast array of wildlife and also it welcomes everyone willing to unwind and feel free and closer to nature. However, the Danube Delta is not the easiest of destinations to travel to independently especially because the area can only be reached by boat, so planning a trip here can be a little confusing. 

That’s why you have usWe are your local guide, your Danube Delta experience planner! Looking for a special tour? Here we are! A destination for your next team building? The Danube Delta is the perfect destination for such activities and we have the experience to plan your event! Do you want a stunning incentive travel location or accommodation in the Danube Delta? Ask our travel experts and we’ll take care of every single detail so you can enjoy most of the Danube Delta!

Local cuisine journey: Tasting and exploring the gastronomy from Danube Delta is an amazing experience itself. We’ll delight you with a tour where you can taste the specific traditional food which is, of course, seafood: fish soup and borsch, fried fish, brine pickle of fish with garlic dressing, fish meatballs and so much more. We know the best places where you can bond with locals and eat delicious meals cooked by them. It’s all about the experiences and memories you make.

Floating hotels experience: The floating hotels are the best and the most loved accommodation option in Danube Delta. The accommodation in Danube Delta is itself an experience. From floating hotels to private homes, from B&Bs to luxury hotels, from remote accommodation to glamping, our main goals is to offer our clients unforgettable accommodation experiences to the highest standards. We are your trusted local guide! We can customize any kind of experience!

Amazing Safari Experience: Nature at its best in this amazing safari experience! We’ll watch the birds, explore the flora and fauna, and visit the traditional fishing villages. How do you want to explore and discover this remote water wonderland? By houseboat, small motorboat or kayak? No matter how you choose to personalize this experience, you are under our professional guidance. From day trips to photo tours, from bird-watching tours to canoe tours, from kayak tours to discover tours, you’re about to discover a whole new world in the Danube Delta! Join us!

Floating through the Danube Delta: Explore the local communities of the Danube Delta with us. We provide fully tailor-made experiences to meet your needs! We tailor these experiences to meet the guest’s needs and desires. Are you ready for your next adventure? We’re here for you.

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