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Welcome to the Carpathian Mountains, one of the last wild places in Europe, right here in the heart of Romania! Here you’ll find a unique variety of landscapes, wildlife, vegetation, subterranean caves, volcanic lakes.

Hosted journeys in Carpathian Mountains , exploring extraordinary places! We invite you to discover beautiful and authentic places, beyond mass tourism zones and tourist traps. We are your local guide! Join us!

Interesting facts about the Carpathian Mountains: The Carpathian Mountains are home to one of the largest undisturbed forests in Europe, forming a semi-circle around Transylvania and stretching for more than 900 km inside Romania.

Did you know that the Carpathian Mountains are home of several nature reserves and other tourist spots that attracts thousands of mountain lovers each year and that also is home to the largest brown bear population in Europe?

According to their geographic position, The Carpathian Mountains are divided into three groups: the Eastern, the Southern, the Western. That means we have lots of places to explore and you won’t get bored at all. The Carpathian Mountains are beautiful and we want you to fall in love with them and feel their special vibe as we do. Add this travel experience to your bucket list!

Outdoor Experiences: If you are an adventurer and outdoor experiences seeker, then you must enjoy the Carpathian Mountains! If you want memorable hikes, we’ll choose together from hundreds of trails, according to your needs and preferences. We go on a tour in Piatra Craiului National Park where you’ll enjoy the flora and fauna. You’ll have the chance to experience the small and remote local communities with distinct cultures and traditional lifestyles. We’ll climb rocks in Rarău Mountains, will paddle through the frothy waves of Buzău river, will experience horse riding in Călimani National Park, will enjoy the alpine wildlife, the flora, and fauna, we’ll enjoy an exciting bike tour in Făgăraș Mountains and so much more.

Ecotourism paradise: A horse and cart are better than a jeep for eco-friendly exploration, isn’t it? But if you feel that you aren’t ready to lose comfort but have a desire to be closer and connected to nature, we have the ideal tour to combine both. You’ll enjoy great experiences in the Carpathian Mountains, respecting nature and the ecosystem, and still have your comfort in the most comfortable and luxurious cottages. Miles away from the restless cities in the heart of nature you’ll experience life in a hidden village. This hidden village is actually a retreat with panoramic decks, where you can enjoy your coffee, traditionally furnished rooms, a restaurant with organic food, hammocks, private forest, and a cinema under stars. This is the perfect place to connect with the natural environment and to discover the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains.

Carpathian Tours: We create experiences for people, families, backpackers, groups, companies, group travelers. A Carpathian Tour with us is a combination of fun, adrenaline, sightseeing, relaxing, eating, and drinking, making memories. From private tours to expeditions, from multiday & extended tours to walking & biking tours, from shore excursions to day trips, from business to luxury, from individual tours to group tours, we can create, design and custom any kind of experience you want to enjoy.

We focus on customized experiences in order to offer our clients a UNIQUE LOCAL TRAVEL EXPERIENCE.
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